Pevita Pearce is the Brand Ambassador of PUBG Mobile Indonesia. (Instagram/ pevpearce) – Check out the five best PUBG Mobile Indonesia esports teams throughout 2021, of course, complete with their achievements. One of the esports competitions that stole the most attention in 2021 is PUBG Mobile. However, this competition has been completed since PMPL Season 4. Apart from this competition, there is also the prestigious PMGC 2021 championship which is still rolling and will end in January 2022. Unfortunately, the two Indonesian representative teams, Genesis Dogma GIDS and Bigetron Alpha, had to fall in the final round. This year, it’s not just the two competitions that enliven the gaming world in the country, because there are also many big tournaments being held. Of the many tournaments held in 2021, of course there are several teams that are in the spotlight, including teams from Indonesia. Well, for you PUBG Mobile lovers and curious about the best team in this category throughout 2021 and their achievements. Here, the team has summarized it especially for you, the five outstanding PUBG Mobile Indonesia esports teams. 1. Bigetron Red Aliens Bigetron Red Aliens on the second day of PMGC 2020. (Twitter/ bigetronesports) The Bigetron Red Aliens team is one of the most praised in PMPL ID Season 4. Their points were left behind at the beginning of the competition but Bigetron Red Aliens managed to rampage at the end of the competition to successfully advance to the grand final round. 2. Genesis Dogma GIDS Genesis Dogma. (Instagram) The second PUBG Mobile team that deserves appreciation for having performed well in 2021 is Genesis Dogma GIDS. They won 1st place in the PMPL ID Season 4 grand final with 170 points. Among PUBG Mobile gamers, they are not very well known. However, Bigetron Red Aliens became the first team to qualify for PMPL SEA Season 4. 3. RRQ Ryu RRQ Ryu. (instagram/teamrrq) Who doesn’t know RRQ Ryu? If you claim to be a PUBG Mobile game lover, of course joining this one team is one of your dreams. Do you know that RRQ Ryu’s performance in 2021 is quite good. They managed to rank first in the regular season of PMPL ID Season 4. In addition, RRQ Ryu also managed to qualify for PMPL SEA Season 4. 4. NFT Esports NFT Esport. (Instagram) Talking about the best PUBG Mobile team in 2021, it’s not complete if you don’t include NFT Esports on the list. How not, this team recorded a number of cool achievements this year. For example, the PMNC 2021 champion with 128 points and twice Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWCD) and defeating other big teams such as Evor Reborn and Alter Ego. They also managed to get the runner up title in the PMPL ID Season 4 grand final. 5. Bonafide Bonafide Esports. (Bonafide Esports) Bonafide’s success this season was marked by the achievement of third place in PMPL ID Season 4. What’s cool is that this team managed to win Winner Chicken Dinner three times during PMPL ID Season 4. Those are the five best PUBG Mobile Indonesia esports teams throughout 2021. The team do you have your favourite? Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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