Horror Anime – Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories. (IMDB) Hitekno.com – Check out five recommendations for horror anime that you deserve to watch in 2022, guaranteed to be scary. In addition to the romantic and sad genres, you can also consider watching anime with a horror theme. Maybe you don’t realize that 2021 is the year of horror anime. There are many choices of horror films that you can watch this year. This year’s release will have you all excited and terrified watching its gripping saga. Not only that, new ideas also appear and make the latest horror anime stories unpredictable. However, there are also many old horror anime that still give goosebumps to watch today. So, if you are confused about finding a recommendation for a horror anime that is cool and maximum scary, here the Hitekno.com team has compiled it especially for you. 1. Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories Anime Horror – Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories. (IMDB) When it comes to Japan, the appeal of horror-related things lies in the urban legend. Who doesn’t get goosebumps with scary stories that are believed to have really happened. Well, if you want to see a film with this kind of atmosphere, you can watch Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories. Actually, Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is not a feature-length film. Each story only takes 3 or 4 minutes. However, you will find various stories of Japanese urban legends that you have never heard of. 2. Parasyte Anime Parasyte. (YouTube) This film is an adaptation of the manga with the same title which was published in the 1990s. The idea of ​​the story is the story of aliens who infiltrate the human brain. You will be presented with a variety of brutal scenes that make you imagine. But remember, this film is specifically for the 18+ age category because there will be many sadistic scenes in the film. 3. Tokyo Ghoul Tokyo Ghoul. (Netflix) This anime has managed to become an otaku conversation since 2020. Because of what? of course because the story is super duper interesting. Tokyo Ghoul tells the story of the presence of cannibal creatures named Ghoul who like to eat people. But don’t worry, this story idea is accompanied by other stories. So, you’re not just going to watch people eat people. 4. Gantz Gantz. (IMDB)Gantz is really suitable for those of you who like psycho films with a touch of science. This anime features a terrible and gloomy world due to the presence of aliens. Not only horror things, you will also see the intelligence of the Japanese in terms of marrying animation with scientific facts here. After watching this, you must have imagined what if aliens would really come to earth. 5. Amrita No Kyouen Amrita No Kyouen. (ara-mushi.com) Director Saku Sakamoto announced the release of the horror anime Amrita No Kyouen at the end of 2021. This film is a spin-off prequel to his other film, Aragne: Sign of Vermillion, which follows the story of a young woman named Rin. This anime tells about murder cases that occur near an apartment. You will get goosebumps with the appearance of the ghosts. Those are five recommendations for horror anime that you can watch at the beginning of the new year 2022. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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