As a country with a wealth of natural resources, Indonesia has various types of plants that are useful for human life, one of which is binahong leaves. Although it is considered a wild plant, there are various benefits of the binahong leaf plant, ranging from facial care, to health, Mother. Binahong leaf which has the Latin name Bassela rubra Linn is a plant that is actually not difficult to find in Indonesia. Usually, this plant grows vines in areas such as the yard of the house. Binahong leaf plants contain calcium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron. In addition, this plant also has a fairly high protein, namely potassium, lutein, phosphorus, and beta carotene which play an important role in supporting health. Binahong leaf plants can not only grow in Indonesia, but also in China, Madagascar, and South Korea. Well, if you want to consume it, you need to know the various benefits of the binahong leaf plant, which was reported by World Today News. Read more here, come on. 1. Tighten facial skin This herbal plant is not only beneficial for the health of the body, but can also help tighten the skin. To get the benefits, Mother can boil the leaves of binahong and drink it when it is cold. By drinking boiled water from binahong leaves, Mother can get beauty benefits, as well as nourish the body. 2. Remove blackheads Blackheads on the face of course become annoying, right? You may have tried various products, but to no avail. Well, therefore, you can consider trying the natural way, namely using binahong leaves. Mother simply boils the binahong leaves first, then uses it to wash your face. To get maximum results, you can apply it regularly three times a day. 3. Overcoming the appearance of acne Mothers certainly feel uncomfortable with the appearance of pimples on the face. Acne not only causes pain, but also interferes with appearance. To overcome this, you can try using binahong leaves. Binahong leaves are able to reduce oil production and shrink the pores on the face, so it can prevent acne. To treat acne using binahong leaves, you only need to pound the leaves and stick them on your face. Wait 10 minutes and rinse. In addition, you can also boil 8 binahong leaves. Drink the boiled water regularly every day until the skin improves and the acne subsides. Click to read the next page, Mother. Producers of oxygen, keeping these ornamental plants makes the air around you cooler:
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