Chimeraland. (Google Play Store) – Here are a series of Chimeraland features that you need to know. Don’t get confused when it’s released. But do you know what Chimeraland is? At the end of 2021, gamers got information about the planned arrival of a new game by the name of Chimeraland. Chimeraland is an open world MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game developed by Level Infinite and ready to be released early next year 2022. This MMO mobile game has been introduced since mid-December and opens pre-registration from 16 December 2021. And until today , Thursday (12/30/2021) this MMO mobile game has received 300 thousand registrants, both from Android and iOS users. In this game, you will be given the freedom to explore the 4,000 square kilometer world of Chimeraland, which includes four continents, seas and oceans to explore. Well, so you don’t get confused when this game is released, here are a series of cool features and gameplay that you need to know about in Chimeraland. You can make your own character. Who says that the developer has provided many characters for you to choose from? Default characters are available, but they also leave you free to create your own character. You will be asked to enter some information that describes your face and body, so that the characters present will be similar to your own personality. Chimeraland. (Google Play Store)Pet Riding Chimeraland offers three types of pets, namely rides, followers and companions. You can claim all the existing animals as your pets. You just feed him and the animal will obey your orders. Animals can be seen and caught everywhere, from common animals to beasts that are thousands of years old. You can also set traps to catch and force an animal to become your pet. Chimeraland. (Google Play Store)Map exploration and a night in space You can explore the universe with this game. The trick is to click the top left corner of the map, and you will be presented with a view of the universe. Areas that have not been included in the map are currently showing no details. Unexplored areas will show a question mark. Once the area with the question mark is explored, the appropriate icon will appear. You can also explore far and even spend the night in outer space. Cool, right? Those are a series of features and gameplay of Chimeraland that you need to know. Ready to welcome the presence of this MMO mobile game? Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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