AMIGA 500 Mini. (videogameschronicle) – Are you a lover of old-school consoles? If so, the information below might make you smile. Namely the Amiga 500 Mini game console. How not, the old console called Amiga 500 Mini will be reborn in 2022. Reporting from Commodore, Amiga 500 Mini or also known as A500 will be released on March 25, 2022 and will include 25 cool games that you deserve to try. The system is being developed by Retro Games Ltd, which previously released the C64 Mini. Here are a few things you need about the reborn old console called the Amiga 500 Mini. History This console is not a new device. The Amiga 500 was originally released in 1987 by Commodore. Due to its advanced graphics and sound capabilities at the time, the A500 became a popular gaming machine. Not wanting to miss the opportunity, the developer then made a computer version of the Amiga which became the best-selling device overall. At first, the existing keyboard didn’t work properly because the system was so small. However players can plug in a standard PC keyboard. AMIGA 500 Mini. ( Rumors of a brief specification of the AMIGA 500 Mini The Amiga 500 mini is believed to not actually adopt the specifications of the old-school Amiga 500. Only, some of the main components are similar. The console will also emulate the A500’s OCS chip set and the A500+’s enhanced ECS chip set. In addition, Advanced Graphics Architecture (AGA) will also be embedded to replace the A1200 technology. So, what games will enter the platform? Here’s the full list: Alien Breed 3DAlien Breed: Special Edition ’92Another WorldArcade PoolATR: All Terrain RacingBattle ChessCadaverCalifornia GamesThe Chaos Engine Dragons BreathF-16 Combat Pilot Kick Off 2The Lost PatrolParadroid 90Pinball DreamsProject-X: Special Edition ’93Qwak The Sorcerer Deluxe Cars IIThe FoxWorms: The Director’s CutZoolAMIGA 500 Mini site. ( All matters relating to price are still very confusing. However, the early Amiga 500 mini game console is rumored to be priced at around $140 or around Rp. 2 million. But for that price you will only get an Amiga-style two-button mouse and a gamepad. Those are some things you need to know about the Amiga 500 Mini game console. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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