Chia seed drinks went viral on social media in mid-2021. At that time, one of the TikTok users shared a video on how to make chia seed drinks for a diet that claimed to be able to lose weight. Some TikTok users are following the trend of making chia seed drinks, which are also said to help improve digestion and lose weight. Even chia seed drinks are also said to improve bone, intestinal, and heart health. Is it true that drinking chia seeds for diet can help you lose weight? Before doing so, it is better to understand first whether chia seeds are really effective in losing weight? Don’t just try chia seed drinks for a diet but without preparation. Maybe it can give other side effects on the mother’s body. Let’s understand more about chia seed drinks for dieting. Chia seeds for diet, effective weight loss? According to the non-profit organization FoodPrint, chia seeds come from the chia plant, Salvia Hispanica. The name comes from the Aztec warriors who consumed chia seeds as food to survive. Citing Everyday Health, there is no research on chia seed drinks for the diet. Even chia seeds still lack research showing that they can provide specific benefits for weight loss. Regarding chia seeds for diet, there is a small study published in 2015 in Nutrition Hospitalaria, Brazil. The study involved 26 men and women who were overweight or obese. The results of the study found that consuming 35 grams (about 3 tablespoons) of chia seeds daily for 12 weeks can help you lose weight. Again, this is only a small, short-term study. Consuming chia seeds for diet has the potential to help you lose weight. However, it only has a small impact and it is not recommended to consume too much which can increase your calories. If your daily calories increase instead of losing weight, you can actually increase it, Mother. Continue reading next page: Wow! Ivan Gunawan managed to lose weight up to tens of kg, take a peek at his diet tips here, Mother:
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