MPL MENA. (MOONTON Games) – After completing the M3 World Championship with a Blacklist International victory, Moonton is now preparing to hold a Mobile Legends tournament in the Middle East and North America which is part of MPL MENA. According to the plan, the MPL MENA will be held in 2022. This tournament will open a series of Moonton events in each country later. Moonton’s decision to finally hold MPL MENA is certainly inseparable from the amazing performance shown by a row of teams from the Middle East and North America in the last M3 World Championship tournament. Looking at the history of the M3 World Championship some time ago, the dark horse team from North America, BTK successfully demonstrated its dominance after successfully forcing the International Blacklist down from the upper bracket. Although Mobazane’s dominance had to be stopped by ONIC PH, BTK were able to prove themselves as a deadly team by winning 3-2 over Blacklist International in that match. BTK. (MOONTON Games) On the other hand, the Ukrainian team, NAVI, also appeared ferocious because they succeeded in overthrowing the home team, RSG SG in the playoffs. The slick game from Warbarbie and his friends also succeeded in stealing the attention of the tournament. Seeing the slick play of these teams, Moonton then agreed to hold MPL MENA in January. In its official statement, the group qualifier round will be held on January 20, 2022. After the group qualifier, MPL MENA then enters the regular season round from February 24, 2022 to April 30, 2022. Mobile Legends fans can watch this tournament through the event’s official Facebook and YouTube pages. . Moonton’s decision to hold MPL MENA is clearly to show the dominance of Mobile Legends, which is not only popular in Southeast Asia but also in the Middle East and North America. .

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