Crypto mining machines are mistaken for online gambling machines. (Facebook. Anggres Dyas Krisnapati) – Circulating CCTV footage showing bickering between residents. It appears that the residents of the house are arguing with neighbors because they are suspected of keeping an online gambling machine. Even though what he has is a crypto mining machine. This recording was posted on the Instagram account @sarjanacrypto on December 30, 2021. Suddenly it became the spotlight of netizens until it went viral on social media. “Silently lying at home, moving to make neighbors jealous,” wrote @sarjanacrypto in his post. In this viral video on social media, it does not show what crypto mining machines are mistaken for online gambling machines by ladders. However, it shows the debate between residents of the house and neighbors in CCTV captures. In this viral video, it shows that a neighbor threatens to report the occupants of the house to the local police station. The man who owns the house is not afraid to even ask him to report it. “I’ll report it to the Resort Police, you know,” said the neighbor. “Just report it, it’s okay, just report it, be careful if I make a mistake, I’ll return it,” replied the man who owned the house. “If I make a mistake, I’ll jail you, just report it,” continued the householder in this viral video on social media. Crypto mining machines are mistaken for online gambling machines. (Facebook. Anggres Dyas Krisnapati) The results of’s search, the viral video came from a householder’s Facebook account post. From there found more details about the feud with this neighbor. The operation of this crypto mining machine turned out to be unexpected by the neighbors. Even in his post, it was stated that neighbors thought he was running an online gambling machine, tuyul, to pigs. Even more surprising, neighbors thought that this crypto mining machine was a money changer. “Increase your mining rigs until you are accused of having pigs, tuyul, online gambling servers, money changers, what’s worse is that,” wrote the Facebook account. The latest news is that the residents of this house informed that the neighbors who had been noisy with him had moved house. “Update, he finally moved to the rented house, since yesterday the intention was to move while making a fuss,” wrote a post on Facebook. Crypto mining machines are mistaken for online gambling machines. (Facebook. Anggres Dyas Krisnapati) The viral video about the crypto mining machine is thought to be an online gambling machine, which is getting a lot of responses from netizens. “I’m not given money to borrow, I’m jealous, wow,” commented netizens. “How can he take care of himself, am I an idiot? Well, wow… you reported him to the police and thought the police would catch him?,” said another. “I’m emotional, bro, there are humans like that, haha,” said netizens. “Want to see the reaction on his face when he finds out you are mining,” wrote another. Watch the videos HERE and HERE. That’s a viral video on social media, a neighbor raided because he was suspected of having an online gambling machine, it turned out to be a crypto mining machine. Surprisingly, some think that even though it is a money changer. .

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