Jakarta – Most popular on HaiBunda today, Thursday (30/12/2021): 1. 7 Portraits of Salma and Salwa, Titi DJ’s Twin Princesses with Stylish Bucek Depp Titi DJ’s twin daughters with Bucek Depp, namely Salma and Salwa are now growing up and more beautiful. What do they look like recently? Take a peek at the portrait here. 2. The Disconnected Kite Hot Air Balloon Scene Viral, ASF’s Mommy Was Immediately Invited to Cappadocia Bun The Disconnected Kite series is being talked about a lot by the public since recently, Mother. Not without reason, this is because the storyline shown in the series, starring Putri Marino, Reza Rahadian, and Anya Geraldine, has an emotionally draining story. Continue reading here. 3. The 10 Best Korean Dramas Throughout 2021, Is There a Mother’s Favorite? During the COVID-19 pandemic, we do not deny the fact that many Indonesians are fans of Korean dramas. The production of Korean dramas is also increasing and many have been released this year. Every year, various broadcasting companies and media outlets make lists of the best dramas. One of them is Cine21, a South Korean film magazine, which recently released the best drama in 2021. Read more here. 4. 7 Heat Resistant Hanging Plants that are Easy to Care for and Not Easy to Die. Are you looking for heat-resistant hanging plants to beautify your home? Maybe some of the choices below can make the house more beautiful but not a hassle. For busy mothers, hanging plants that are heat resistant and don’t die easily can be a solution to make the house feel more beautiful. Heat-resistant hanging plants can be placed in front or on the side of your house. Read more here. 5. 5 Most Lucky Zodiacs about Love in 2022 According to Beby Djenar’s Forecast During 2021 many things will happen in Mother’s life. Whether happiness, failure, success, even sadness. It is undeniable, in 2022 the same thing will certainly happen again, Mother. However, the mother’s love relationship with her husband of course also needs to be considered. Usually, people will see their love predictions based on their respective zodiac signs, you know. Continue reading click here. Mother, also check out the five luckiest zodiac signs regarding romance in 2022 according to Beby Djenar in the following video:
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