– Polda Metro Jaya will implement a crowd free night policy on New Year’s Eve 2022. This policy starts from 22.00-04.00 WIB. Dirlantas Polda Metro Jaya Kombes Pol Sambodo Purnomo Yogo emphasized that when the crowd free night policy was implemented, all vehicles were prohibited from crossing. Not only that, pedestrians and cyclists are also prohibited. “That’s why it’s called crowd free night, not car free night because pedestrians and cyclists are not allowed to pass either,” said Sambodo at Polda Metro Jaya, Jakarta, Friday (12/31/2021). In its implementation, said Sambodo, his party will deploy 1,730 joint personnel in 11 areas that implement the crowd-free night policy. This joint personnel comes from elements of the Police, TNI, and the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. Read also: Seconds Cassandra Angelie was raided at the hotel in a state of no clothes “Security readiness was attended by 1,730 joint personnel from Polda Metro Jaya, Kodam Jaya, DKI Provincial Government, Satpol PP, Dishub, Health and Fire,” he explained. The following 11 areas have implemented a crowd free night policy: Jalan Asia Afrika Jalan Gunawarman – Jalan Senopati – SCBD Mahakam – Bulungan – Barito 1 Thamrin – Sudirman Kota Tua Around Monas Kemayoran Pantai Indah Kapuk 2 Kemang East Flood Canal (BKT) Sunter Lake Area. .

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