Jakarta – Do you remember Daisha Aulia or who is familiarly called Aulia? The woman who married a Moroccan man named Rachid shared her experience of opening a culinary business abroad. As previously mentioned, Aulia moved to London, England after marrying Rachid, Mother. Previously, the two met when Aulia was pursuing a career in Saudi Arabia. That’s where they met each other. “Aulia worked in Saudi Arabia, so Aulia worked in Saudi for almost two years. Finally, Aulia left her job,” said Aulia, citing the YouTube channel Muslimah Planner. In London, she had given up her career as a midwife, but Aulia did not remain silent because in the end she also opened a typical Indonesian culinary business. Not long ago, Aulia told HaiBunda about her business. He said, it all started when the lockdown was imposed when COVID-19 spread widely. When it coincided with the holy month of Ramadan. Aulia then cooks Indonesian food and intends to voluntarily share it with Indonesian students there. “The story is that during the UK (UK) lockdown in 2020, during the fasting month Aulia cooked Indonesian food to be distributed to Indonesian students,” he told HaiBunda via WhatsApp, recently. “At the beginning of the Lockdown in London, the restaurant didn’t operate, so why not cook and share it, especially during the fasting month, there are definitely many who miss Indonesian food,” he continued. So from this good intention, the students who were given the food said they liked Aulia’s cooking, Mother. They also asked to be made again, but this time by buying it from Aulia. “It turns out that after that, many students asked for it to be made again, now they say they want to buy it. From there, Aulia started cooking again but to sell it to students,” he explained. Departing from there, in fact Aulia’s efforts are increasingly spread, Mother. Now, his customers are not only Indonesian students who live near his residence. But some are Malays and come from neighboring countries, from Malaysia to Brunei Darussalam. “Now Aulia’s customers are not only Indonesians but also many Malays from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei,” he said. How did Aulia start her business to keep her business running in London? Check out Aulia’s full story on the following page, Mother. Mother, also see the love story of a Jambi man marrying a Turkish Caucasian in the following video:
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