HiMom Videos | Haibunda Friday, Dec 31 2021 15:29 WIB The end of the year is usually synonymous with making resolutions for the following year, Mother. But there are still many who ask, is the resolution important? According to clinical psychologist Tara de Thouars, resolutions are goals we want to achieve in our lives, which start from desires. Tara also continued, that having a resolution is important, because it is a sign that someone has hope. When a person has hope, he will enjoy all the processes in life. However, often a person makes resolutions that are not specific, unmeasured, or even unreasonable. Well, this is something that must be considered, so that you are not too disappointed when the resolution is not achieved until the year ends. How should you make a good resolution? Let’s see the explanation from clinical psychologist Tara de Thouars in the following video! Embed Video “> Share, Bun! Let’s share with HaiBunda Squad and join Live Chat directly with experts, Bun! Join now on the HaiBunda application! Are you pregnant, pregnant, or have children? Tell Bubun on the HaiBunda application, come on! .

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