Choosing a house paint color, of course, must be done with great consideration, Mother. In addition to giving an aesthetic impression on the appearance of the house, choosing house paint colors can also provide a happy atmosphere for the owner. But, did you know that paint color can also affect room temperature? Light colors will usually reflect heat, while dark colors tend to absorb heat. Therefore, to create coolness, you are advised to choose light colors. Having a cool atmosphere at home makes you and your family feel more comfortable when you are at home. In addition, the selection of cool house paint will also present an overall bright feel. Well, Mothers who want to have a cool house of course need to pay attention to the paint color of the house that will be used. Reporting from House Beautiful, here are cool house paint colors and make the house cooler. Listen here, come on. 1. Light lime green The light lime green color on the ceiling of the house is a touch of cool paint color that can unite the entire room. Pair it with a bold pattern with the modern artwork on display in the living room. To add coolness, combine with light yellow curtains and geometric patterns, with a combination of gray. 2. Yellow Using yellow paint in the room will give the impression of being cool and shady in the house, thus creating a warm and peaceful feeling when gathering with family. Reporting from The Spruce, a cheerful and inviting light yellow hue can always be a solid choice for homeowners. Mothers can combine it with shades of blue, white, gray, or red to enhance the appearance of the house. In addition, the yellow color is suitable to be combined with green plants around the house and green pages or ornamental plants that are well cared for. 3. Light purple In addition to cooling the room, the light purple house paint color serves as a neutralizing and sweetening the room, so that the room in the house does not feel too overwhelming. You can combine this color with animal patterned interiors or sculptural furniture. You can also combine it with beige or combine it with green leafy ornamental plants to make an interesting splash of color. Click to read the next page, Mother. Organizing books at home according to feng shui can affect your career, you know. Read more here:
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