Jakarta – This 29 week pregnancy is the right time for Mother to count the kicks of the Little One to make sure the fetus is still moving every day. Your baby may have filled your womb and there isn’t much room left, but you should still feel him squirm and move regularly. If you feel a change in the frequency of movement, be sure to contact your doctor. In addition, this week, the fetus is in the right position to prepare for childbirth later. Meanwhile, the symptoms you feel this week, varicose veins will be more visible and your nails will grow faster than usual. Curious about how your little one will grow at 29 weeks pregnant? Let’s look at the following explanation that was launched from the What to Expect page. 1. Fetal size At 29 weeks pregnant, your baby now weighs 2 to 3 pounds and is 15 to 16 inches long. Even though the baby is almost full length at birth, they will still grow taller until the mother is born. Meanwhile, over the next 11 weeks, her weight will more than double or even almost triple your mother. 2. Babies gain weight and wrinkles are reduced. As more fat is deposited under the skin’s surface, its wrinkled skin becomes smoother this week and beyond. This white fat is different from the previous brown fat that your baby collects during its development. Brown fat is needed for body temperature regulation, while white fat is the same type that you have, serving as a source of energy that your baby needs when out into the world later on. 3. Fetal movements can be counted The space in the mother’s womb is getting narrower because the little one is growing. You will feel the prickling and movement partly coming from your baby’s elbows and knees. Fetuses are also moving more and more frequently in response to all sorts of stimuli from your movements, to sounds, to light, to the food you eat. So it’s a good idea to count the movements of the fetus once a day or two, to make sure the fetus is fine in your stomach. “By this week, your baby is starting to have less space in your tummy so the movement will be very noticeable. That means now is a good time to start doing a kick count once or twice a day, depending on what the doctor recommends. Bonus, this can be a good reason. good for a short break,” said Jennifer Wu, a gynecologist in Manhattan, New York, quoted from the What to Expect page, Thursday (30/12). Click on the next page to find out another explanation, Mother. Check out the video about the 5 functions of the placenta for fetal development below:
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