– Liga 2 2021 spawned a new champion. Persis Solo, which has not been promoted for 14 years, locked a place in Liga 1 2022. Persis Solo performed brilliantly in League 2 by becoming the champion. The team aka Laskar Sambernyawa won over Rans Cilegon FC in the final round. Irfan Bachdim’s two goals from Persis were only able to be answered by Alfin Tuasalamony. The final result ended with a score of 2-1. With Persis listed as Liga 2 champions, they are the 22nd team to be promoted to the highest level of Indonesian football. This is calculated from the 1994 season competition. Also read: Rifal Lastori, League 1 Promotion Specialist Winger Here’s the Complete List of Champions League 2 1994-1995: Persikab Bandung (Division One) 1995-1996: PSP Padang (Division One) 1996-1997: Persikota Tangerang (Division One) 1998-1999: PSPS Pekanbaru (Division One) 1999-2000: Persita Tangerang (Division One) 2001: PSIS Semarang (Division One) 2002: Persik Kediri (Division One) 2003: Persebaya Surabaya (Division One) 2004: Arema Malang (Division One) 2005: PSIM Yogyakarta (Division One) 2006: Persebaya Surabaya (Division One) 2007: Persibo Bojonegoro (Division One) 2008-2009: Persisam Putra Samarinda (Main Division) 2009-2010: Persibo Bojonegoro (Main Division) )2010-2011: Persiba Bantul (Main Division)2011-2012: Persepar Palangkaraya (Main Division)2013: Persebaya ISL (Main Division)2014: Pusamania Borneo FC (Main Division)2017: Persebaya Surabaya (League 2)2018: PSS Sleman (League 2)2019: Persik Kediri (League 2)2021: Persis Solo (League 2) Contributor: Kusuma Alan .

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