Hitekno.com – Viral on social media, a video of a woman seeing her lover. It was stated that this woman was also a fan of the Disconnected Kites actor, Reza Rahadian. What made netizens excited was that the appearance of the woman’s lover was similar to Reza Rahadian. Who would have thought, the video suddenly went viral on social media after being uploaded by the TikTok account @pinkanash. Unmitigated, the video uploaded on December 25, 2021, has been watched more than 500 thousand times and liked by nearly 80 thousand TikTok users. “He doesn’t want to be imitated,” wrote the viral video uploader, as reported by Beritahits.id, Thursday (12/30/2021). The uploader made the video to follow the trend that is currently popular on TikTok social media. The trend aims to show the resemblance between the idol and the girlfriend. “Show your celebrity crush vs your boyfriend now,” is the caption for each video that follows the trend. In Indonesian, this sentence means something like: “Show me your favorite celebrity versus your current boyfriend.” The girl who idolizes Reza Rahardian, the public is stunned when they see her boyfriend (TikTok/pinkanash) In the viral video on social media, the uploader shows his favorite celebrity, namely the famous actor, Reza Rahadian. Then, he also showed his girlfriend who at first glance looked like his idol. It didn’t take long, the video commentary column was immediately invaded by netizens who were competing to leave their mark. Some netizens rate, the girlfriend of the viral video uploader is similar to Reza Rahadian. “Really similar,” wrote one netizen. “How similar,” added another. However, not a few netizens think that the boyfriend is similar to actor Achmad Megaantara. “More like Megan, Syifa Hadju’s ex,” commented one TikTok user. “It’s a bit like Megantara,” said another. Many netizens are also curious about what the child’s face will look like. “How cute will the child be?” “I can’t imagine how beautiful his child will be, please,” added another netizen. In addition, not a few netizens have asked where the uploader first met his girlfriend. “Ma’am, where do you find something like that?” asked a netizen. “Ma’am, where to buy something like that?” added another. Actor Reza Rahardian during a press conference for the film ‘Like Revenge, Longing Must be Completely Paid’ in Kuningan, South Jakarta, Wednesday (17/11/2021). [Suara.com/Alfian Winanto]Responding to the many questions that came in, the uploader also answered, a man who looks like his girlfriend can be found in the Condet area, Kramat Jati District, East Jakarta. “There are many at Condet,” he wrote. His statement also received a lot of replies from netizens. “Don’t ask Condet, it’s one of his favorite products, right, Rizky Nazar.” “How come I live in Condet, I can’t,” said another. Watch the video HERE. That’s a viral video on social media, the appearance of a man who shocked netizens because he looked like Reza Rahadian. (BeritaHits.id/ Frida Hanifa Putri). .

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