Jakarta – Hi, Mother! Lately, there’s been a lot of memes about the web series Kites Break up on social media. Not only creative, but also lots of funny and entertaining content. The series, which was adopted from a novel by Mommy ASF, has become increasingly viral after episode 6 aired last weekend. The story is, Kinan (Putri Marino) bumps into her husband, Aris (Reza Rahadian), who has just returned from Cappadocia, Turkey. Aris admitted that going to hot air balloon tours was a business matter. In fact, he is on vacation with his mistress, Lydia (Anya Geraldine). In the scene, Kinan was furious while revealing the evidence that Aris was cheating on him. This scene later went viral. Especially Kinan’s dialogue, “You take him to Cappadocia. It’s my dream! Not her!”. Kinan, who was heavily pregnant, vented anger at Aris. Even though there was a lot of evidence, Aris still denied it. By the way, are you watching? Get excited? As for Bubun, I can’t wait to invite Kinan to meet Lydia. He he heee… Oh yeah, Bubun doesn’t just watch the series Layangan Putus, but also reads the novel. Bubun is curious, wants to know the real story. The story in the web series seems different from the novel, even though the names of the characters are the same. In the book, Kinan and Aris have four children, all of whom are boys. While in the web series, the story is that Kinan is pregnant with their second child and their first child is a girl, her name is Raya. The woman is a beautiful celebrity. After Bubun read this novel by Mommy ASF, it turned out that there were so many stories that made him nervous. Spill again, yes, there is no Lydia character in the book. Another woman Aris married was not named. She is only described as a beautiful celebgram, not a psychologist like in the web series. Throughout the story, Kinan always calls her ‘that woman’. Profession Kinan is a veterinarian who lives in Malang, while in the web series as a general practitioner in Jakarta. Before getting divorced and opening a veterinary clinic in Malang, Kinan lived with Aris in Bali. In part six of the novel, Kinan tells, The woman once sent an apology to him. However, Kinan felt it was ambiguous and had a cornering tone. What did the woman say? Please read on the next page. Also check out Mommy ASF’s outpouring of her heart, who was unable to pay for electricity, in the video below:
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