Jakarta – Herry Wirawan is a teacher at an Islamic boarding school in the city of Bandung, West Java, Mother. His name became viral after it was discovered that he raped 13 of his students. Now, Herry has been arrested and secured by the West Java Police at his residence some time ago. Of the 13 female students who were raped by Herry, some of them became pregnant and gave birth to a child. The child who was born was even used by Herry to attract the sympathy of the donors. Some time ago, the facts regarding the rape case committed by Herry were revealed again. Herry did this action in front of his own wife, Mother. This was stated directly by the Head of the West Java High Prosecutor’s Office (Kejati), Asep N Mulyana, after the continuation of the trial held by the Bandung District Court (PN). During the trial, his wife was also examined. “So she (wife) was told to stay here, even apologized, when the perpetrator’s wife found her husband. At that night he slept together, went upstairs suddenly found the culprit was doing indecent acts to the victim, can’t do anything, “said Asep quoted by detik.com. Facts about the Herry Wirawan case There are several new facts revealed from the Herry Wirawan case, Mother. If you’re curious, here’s Bubun to help summarize the lineup from various sources. 1. Wife received psychological threats. Asep said that the wife of Herry was aware of her husband’s lecherous treatment, Mother. Even so, the wife could not do anything because she received various threats, including psychological threats. “Knowing (the husband’s actions). So this is it, when there is a name that a woman feels suspicious and does not feel good in her heart, when she asks the perpetrator, she replies ‘that’s all business, mother takes care of the house, takes care of the child’, finished,” said Asep . “(Gets) Psychological threats,” he continued later. Do you want to know the other latest facts? Click read the next page, come on! Mother, also see the video reasons why people often blame the following sexual harassment victims:
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