Illustration of a WiFi Router. (OpenClipart-Vectors) – Here is a list of funny and trendy Wifi password ideas. Suitable for those of you who are still confused looking for unique Wifi password ideas. The password is supposed to be a secret one. Especially if it is a password related to banking. But sometimes, these rules sometimes don’t apply to Wifi passwords. Especially if you install Wifi at home and plan to share Wifi with people around. A unique Wifi password can also be used as an attraction in a restaurant or cafe. Because with a unique Wifi password, customers will smile first before connecting their devices. Well, if you are currently looking for an anti-mainstream Wifi password idea, try checking the list that has been summarized by the team below: Illustration of a WiFi Modem. (Pixabay) Funny and unique Wifi password idea: don’t ask me (don’t ask me) look for it for free (search for free huh?) no password (no password) really want to know (want to know?) try asking the other side (try asking the other side) Have you eaten yet (have you eaten yet?) the wifi is broken (the wifi is broken) I need wifi (I need wifi) first order (order first, mas) no wifi (no wifi) I can’t (don’t ask) I can’t yet (you can’t mas) later (later on) I forgot (forgot to cook?) wifi password (wifi password) ) no network (no network) choose fast or slow (choose fast or slow) free wifi (free wifi) who are you (who are you?) don’t use downloads (don’t use downloads) don’t use games (don’t use games) about what (what do you think?) don’t get screwed (don’t use games) ) think for yourself (think for yourself) buy your own modem (buy your own modem) what wifi is this (whose wifi is this?) I’m crazy (I’m crazy) free choice (free choice) when are you getting married (when are you getting married?) two plus two (two plus two) t can’t use wifi (can’t use wifi) it’s up to you (up to you) don’t open youtube (don’t open youtube) 1 to 9 (1 to 9) all big spirits (everyone in great spirits) pass-through milk coffee (milk coffee without spaces) try again (try again) one comma two (one point two) today’s date ( today’s date) nanyamulu (nanya mulu) no wifi (no wifi) pesendulu (order first) one hundred twenty (one hundred twenty) what do you think (what do you think?) esteh lowercase letters (small letters iced tea) your full name (your full name) my question (why ask me ?) who is the sign (who is the question mark) pay five thousand (pay five thousand) one two three (one two three) semicolon (colon) need internet (need internet) anti-child (anti child alay) always happy (always happy) iloveyou (i love you) live a successful life (live success) the bitterness of my coffee (the bitterness of my coffee) internet wisdom (internet wisdom) treat friends (treat friends) new girlfriend (new boyfriend) live or die (live or die) Those are 50+ funny and hilarious WiFi password ideas that make those who ask feel inferior first. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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