– The body of Yokan, a 6th grade elementary school boy who drowned in the Saddang River, Buntu Buaya, Lembang Tadongkon, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi, has been found. The victim was found by the Basarnas Team along with the Joint SAR during a search. “Thank God, the victim’s body has been found and has been evacuated to the funeral home,” said Head of the South Sulawesi Basarnas Office, Djunaidi in Makassar, Sunday (2/1/2022). dragged by the local river current on Thursday (12/30). As for the evacuation process, said Djunaidi, it takes hard work and teamwork because at that time the river current was strong, then carried the victim’s body to the side of the river to be safer. Search Day, Boy Drowning Body in Kampar River Found “The evacuation process was dramatic. The team worked hard to move the victim’s body to the other side of the river because the river current was strong enough for further evacuation to the funeral home,” he explained. Based on initial information, Yokan was reported missing since Thursday (30/12) by the family. because until late at night the boy had not returned home. Out of concern, the family then asked for help from the Basarnas search team assisted by the SAR team to find the victim. Then a search was carried out until three days after the search for the victim’s body was finally found. (Antara) .

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