Ousama Ranking. (IMDB) Hitekno.com – The following is a synopsis of the anime with the title Ousama Ranking which is your capital before watching the animation. What is the synopsis of this Ousama Ranking? Ousama Ranking is a fantasy anime series that has a very good rating in 2021. This anime adapted from the manga of the same title by Sosuka Toka has a fairly large number of episodes, namely 23 Episodes. Ousama Ranking anime with Indonesian subtitles can be watched legally and without ads on the iQIYI streaming platform. Episode 12 of the Ousama Ranking anime will air on Friday, January 6, 2022 at 00:25 WIB. Before you decide to watch the highly rated anime, you can first read the synopsis. Synopsis Ousama Ranking Ousama Ranking. (IMDB) As the title suggests, Ousama Ranking is an anime that tells the story of a king. However, the feeling that is also the main character in this film is not the king as usual, you know. Usually the king is depicted as a handsome, authoritative and strong figure, but not with Bojji. Bojji is a crown prince who is described as weak, small, and a crybaby at first. He is the eldest or first son and is predicted to be the successor of the King. However, many people say that Bojji is not worthy to sit on the palace throne because he is considered less skilled in protecting the people and the kingdom. Even so, he still tries hard and dreams of becoming the greatest king in the world. Bojji was sad, but he had no friends to talk to and share his thoughts with. then Bojji meets his first friend, a “Kage” or “shadow” who somehow understands Bojji well. In episode 11, this Ousama Ranking focuses on the figure of Daida who finally reveals the reason why she hates Bojji. That’s because Daida (Bojji’s sister) always asks for advice from King Bosse’s gift magic mirror. The mirror often gives nonsense advice and makes Daida hate Bojji. Episode 12, aired January 6, 2022 Ousama Ranking. (IMDB) Episode 12 of the Ousama Ranking anime will air on January 6. The story still revolves around the relationship between Daida and Bojji. This time, people could already see the potential of their new king candidate. Bojji eventually takes to the field and helps his mother against Milanjo and criminals from the Kingdom of Perth. That’s the synopsis of Ousama Ranking along with a summary of episodes 11 and 12. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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