The city of Manado has a lot of food that is so tempting and is famous for its spicy characteristics. One that we often encounter in restaurants, namely chicken woku. Besides woku chicken, you can also try the woku fish recipe to make it more varied. The taste is also no less savory and spicy, the more delicious with the fragrant aroma of spices and basil leaves. If you want to try to make it, you can use mackerel or pot fish. The ingredients are also easy to find, the most important thing is that the seasoning mix must be right. Like how to make it? Check out the recipe from Xander’s Kitchen-style Home Cooking book and various sources. 1. Tenggiri woku Ingredients: 10 pieces of mackerel fillet 1 tablespoon lime 6 lime leaves 1 pandan leaf, torn and tie a knot 1 tomato cut into pieces 1 young turmeric leaf, finely sliced ​​3 spring onions, coarsely sliced ​​1 stem lemongrass, lemongrass 15 whole chilies 1 bunch of basil leaves Salt to taste Sugar to taste Enough water Fine seasoning: 10 pieces of onion 4 cloves of garlic 5 pieces of curly red chili 20 cayenne pepper 1 segment of galangal thumb 1 segment of turmeric finger How to make: Clean the fish , coat with lime juice and salt. Set aside. Saute ground spices, lemon grass, lime leaves, turmeric leaves, leeks, pandan leaves, and whole chilies until the smell is fragrant and not unpleasant. Add the fish and stir until all the spices are evenly distributed. Add tomatoes, sugar, salt and water to taste. Cook until the spices absorb and the water shrinks. Taste correction. Just before lifting, add the basil, stir briefly and then pour into a serving bowl. Basil does not need to be cooked long so that its distinctive aroma remains fresh. Photo: Mia Kurnia Sari 2. Woku balanga fish Ingredients: 500 gr grouper fish, clean 1 lime, take the juice 3 lime leaves, thinly slice 1 turmeric leaf, finely slice 1 young pandan leaf, finely slice 2 leaves onion, roughly chopped 20 basil leaves 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 250 ml water Ground spices: 3 red chilies 5 cayenne pepper 6 candlenuts 1 cm turmeric 1 cm ginger 1 lemongrass stalk, take the white part, finely sliced ​​2 tsp salt How to make: Kucuri fish with lime juice, cut each into 2 parts. Saute ground spices until fragrant with lime leaves, pandan leaves and turmeric leaves. Pour water, bring to a boil. Add the fish pieces, cook until it boils and the fish is cooked. Add scallions and basil. Remove and serve warm. Read the woku chicken recipe on the next page, Mom. Check out the video recipe for sesame chicken with mayo sauce below:
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