Illustration of WiFi Modem. (Pixabay) – Here are some simple ways to connect WiFi to a laptop that you can choose according to your wishes. Wireless Fidelity or commonly called WiFi is a technology that utilizes electronic equipment to exchange data wirelessly using radio waves over a computer network, including a high-speed Internet connection. Who doesn’t need an internet connection? It seems that in this online era, almost all activities require an internet connection, from selling online, learning online, making file copies and uploading files on cloud services, communicating with other people, to getting entertainment by streaming movies or listening to music online. Therefore, all types of laptops must be equipped with a WiFi adapter that can make you always connected to a WiFi network so you can surf the internet without fear of running out of quota. To provide convenience to internet network users, WiFi access is usually installed in homes, cafes, hotels, offices and other buildings. By connecting WiFi on your electronic device, you can save your internet package quota because all surfing activities on the internet will not reduce your internet package quota. In addition, wifi has good connection stability so that all activities you do using an internet connection will not be hampered. How? Have you made sure that the laptop you are using is connected to Wifi? If not, immediately connect your internet connection to WiFi so that your internet quota remains safe. Surface laptop illustration. (Pixabay/ athree23) So if you want to know a simple way to connect WiFi to a laptop, then you can refer to the following steps: 1. A simple way to connect WiFi to a laptop via the Taskbar to accommodate various shortcuts and to display various currently running software. Here’s a simple way to connect WiFi to a laptop via the Taskbar: Click the Wifi or Internet Access icon (image like a ladder) which is on the Task Bar at the bottom right corner Then click on the name of the Wifi that you want to connect to the laptop. Next you will be asked to enter the password for the Wifi you are using. After entering the password, click OK. Done! Now your laptop is connected to Wifi2. A simple way to connect WiFi to a laptop via the Control Panel. If you don’t find the Wifi icon on the taskbar, then you can open the Wireless menu and connect to wifi via the Control Panel. The Control Panel is an important component for Microsoft Windows that provides the ability to view and change system settings. Here’s a simple way to connect WiFi to a laptop via Control Panel: Right-click on the Start Menu on your device Then select Control Panel On the Control Panel menu, open the Network and Internet option Then select the Networking and Sharing Center menu. Next click the Change Adapter Settings option on the left. After that you will find several icons, such as the LAN icon (Local Area Connection) and also the Wireless Network Connection icon. Right-click on the Wireless Network Connection icon. Then several options will appear, click Connect or Disconnect to display the wireless window. After the wireless window appears, you will find a wifi option that can be connected to your laptop Click on the name of the Wifi that you want to connect to your laptop. Next click the Connect option. Then a Security Key dialog box will appear and you just enter the wifi password in the column provided. After that click OK. Wait a moment, then the wifi will immediately connect to your laptop. a simple way to connect WiFi to a laptop that you can do quickly. Hopefully it can help you to be able to connect to a more stable Wifi network. Good luck! Contributor: Jeffry francisco .

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