Jakarta – Who doesn’t want to have a slim and youthful body in their 40s? Every woman would want it, yes, Mother. The problem is, the thing that is often encountered when someone turns 40 is the difficulty of losing weight. This difficulty is more pronounced at the age of 40 than at a younger age. Yes, as you age, your body’s metabolic processes slow down. As a result, the possibility of weight gain will be much greater, Mother. One of the tips to lose weight at the age of 40 is to adjust your diet and pay attention to your calorie intake. But unfortunately, without realizing the eating habits below can cause these problems. What are some eating habits that actually make you gain weight quickly and don’t stay young? Check out the following: Dull Face Brightening Banner/ Photo: Hi Mother/Mia 1. Eating late at night Research shows that eating heavily or snacking a lot after 8 o’clock can make you fat faster. Biologically, at that hour the calorie burning process begins to slow down, Mother. As a result, the food you consume will be stored in the form of fat in the body. Moreover, if this habit is routinely carried out at the age of 40 and over, basically the body begins to lack the ability to digest food. So, eat less carbohydrates at night and more in the morning and afternoon when your metabolism is working better. 2. Snacking indiscriminately Living in Indonesia, fried foods, fast food, pastries, chips or sweet drinks are often used as practical everyday snacks. But the problem is, this habit of indiscriminate snacking is what keeps you from dreaming of having a slim body. Instead of eating a little but hungry, it’s better for you to replace it with high-fiber and low-calorie foods that can keep you full longer. For example, vegetable salads, smoothies, cut fruit, mixed nuts, yogurt, and nuts. It tastes no less delicious than fried food, you know. What are the other eating habits that actually make you gain weight quickly and don’t stay young at the age of 40? CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. (aci/som) .

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