Jakarta – Chili is a special spice for authentic Indonesian dishes. Unfortunately, the price of chili often soars up, Mother. Actually, you don’t need to panic when chili prices go up, you know. We can overcome this by growing our own chilies at home. One of the plants that is easy and fast to harvest is cayenne pepper. Even though it sounds easy, growing cayenne pepper is not something that should be done carelessly. Maybe you have planted the seeds directly into the ground or in a pot. Although fast growing, cayenne pepper plants can end up withering and crop failure, you know. In planting cayenne pepper, you need to adjust the plant to air circulation, sunlight, and the weather at home. Likewise with the planting media, is it direct to the ground or are you planning to use a special pot? All back to their respective tastes. Photo: Mia Kurnia Sari For those of you who have tried how to grow cayenne pepper but it doesn’t grow, here’s an easy and quick way to harvest. Let’s try how to grow cayenne pepper below at home, as reported by The Spruce below. How to grow cayenne pepper from seeds One of the best ways to grow cayenne pepper is to start from seeds. So, don’t stab a cayenne pepper that has been harvested directly into vacant land. This is likely to make the chili difficult to grow. How to plant cayenne pepper starting from seeds. Mothers can buy seeds or cayenne pepper seeds and then plant them yourself at home. Before planting cayenne pepper, you have to remember, planting distance is important. Placement and distance are very important for the success of growing cayenne pepper. Space the plants about 24 inches from each other so that when they grow together they only allow for light contact. You can’t plant a lot of cayenne pepper seeds in one pot because it could allow them to die. If you have continued to sow the seeds in one container, immediately transfer them when the cayenne pepper stems begin to grow. Read other tips on the next page, Mother. Also check out the 4-step recipe for growing celery, which is easy, Mother:
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