Jakarta – The Disconnected Kite is still a hot topic for netizens every week, after being broadcast on Fridays and Saturdays. The audience seems too immersed in the conflict that occurs between the characters. Moreover, the story tells of events that are based on a true story, which makes the audience more excited. Mother too? After the audience attacked Anya Geraldine’s comment column for playing the actor and Reza Rahadian playing Aris the cheater, now it’s Putri Marino’s turn to get support from netizens. In fact, not only Princess Marino was affected, Mother. Her husband in real life, Chicco Jerikho also received comments from netizens on his Instagram account. In one of Chicco’s latest uploads, netizens have commented that Princess Marino, who plays Kinan, should be protected. “Ka chicco, please take care of kinan, don’t be mas aris,” wrote the account @it********. “Papip, mamim is it safe?” write account @nau*****. Netizens not only asked Chicco to take care of Princess Marino, some of them also asked Chicco to post a photo together with his wife. The reason is, later Chicco and Putri Marino uploaded photos about their respective activities. “Post with his beautiful wife, please,” wrote the account @ang********. Besides being asked to post photos of the two of them, some netizens also saluted Chicco Jerikho who was so professional as an actor. Chicco was judged not to be jealous when Putri Marino had a kissing scene with her co-star in Kites Break. “Comment here, I want to comment on his wife’s stall @putrimarino, the comment column is limited, I just want to say that the film of Sis Putri Marino in the kite breaks is really cool, totality,” wrote the account @gc*****. “To the extent that kissing scenes etc. are done professionally, it’s rare for artists in Indonesia to be married but still have hot scenes with their co-stars in films, and their real husbands are calm, so allow it, is this what is called a top artist? who are professional and total. Very cool, salute. Support each other in the world of entertainment.” Previously, Reza Rahadian intentionally read blasphemies from netizens in the comments column on his official Instagram fanbase. How did Reza Rahadian respond? See on the next page, yes, Mother.

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