Jakarta – Andriansyah’s Sky Gala is still under the supervision of Aunt Andriansyah’s family. However, the friends of the late Vanessa Angel still continue to interact with Gala, Mother. One of the friends of the late Vanessa who often interacted with Gala was Marissya or Icha. Not long ago, Icha showed an emotional video about the latest Gala Sky news through her Instagram Stories. Seen in the video, Gala is sitting pretty, silent while watching the video of the late Vanessa Angel. In fact, called Icha, Gala could not stay still because she was playing in the car. When Gala was asked who the figure in the video was, Gala soon said the word ‘Mami’. “Gala was shown @abdul_vdo the video I used to be with my mother first, in installments because I was playing with @aurel_givasya immediately fell silent and said ‘Mami’ maashaAllah son,” wrote Icha, quoted from her Instagram Story, Sunday (2/1/2022) . In the next upload, while watching a video of his late mother who was busy swaying listening to music, Gala also moved her hand. When asked to kiss the phone screen with a picture of her mother, Gala immediately brought the phone to her head and kissed her. Habits that damage ornamental plants/ Photo: Mia Kurnia Sari “Alfatihah for Mami @vanessaangelofficial, kid.” “Uhhh maashaAllah the cellphone was pushed by itself to kiss mommy,” wrote Icha. Even though she’s young, Gala seems to still remember her parents clearly, right, Mother? Previously, a similar incident occurred when Gala was shown a photo of Aunt Andriansyah. Read the continuation on the next page. Also check out the video about Vanessa Angel’s wishes before she died:
[Gambas:Video Haibunda]


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