ONIC ID at the M3 World Championship. (MPL Indonesia) Hitekno.com – ONIC Esports managed to impress and won the MPL ID Season 8 title in 2021. Not only that, the Yellow Hedgehog has apparently been recorded as the Mobile Legends eSports team with the highest winrate (WR) throughout 2021. The official MPL Indonesia account (@mpl.id.official) has just shared the “Leaderboard Winrate 2021”. That is a list that summarizes the details of the winrate of the Mobile Legends team during 2021. Winrate (WR) itself is calculated based on the number of wins (Win) divided by the total matches (Match), then multiplied by 100 percent. ONIC Esports became the Mobile Legends team with the highest winrate of 69 percent. They recorded 39 Match, 27 Win, and 12 Lose stats. The top three teams with the highest winrates are ONIC Esports, RRQ Hoshi, and EVOS Legends. RRQ Hoshi became the second team with the highest winrate of 67 percent. The King has played 46 matches, won 31 wins and lost 15 times. List of Mobile Legends team winrates throughout 2021. (Instagram/mpl.id.official) EVOS Legends occupies the third position with a winrate of 61 percent. The team with the white tiger logo recorded 41 Match, 25 Win, and 16 Lose statistics. The list is a collection of data from M2 World Championship, MPL ID Season 7, MSC 2021, MPL ID Season, MPL Invitational 2021, and M3 World Championship. Of the eight teams, only three of them will be able to win the title in 2021. The three teams are EVOS Legends, ONIC Esports, and Aura Fire. EVOS Legends won MPL ID Season 7 and Nimo TV Mobile Legends Arena (NMA) Season 3. ONIC Esports managed to win the title MPL ID Season 8 and MPL Invitational 2021. List of team winrates Mobile Legends teams that won titles throughout 2021. (Instagram/ mpl.id.official) Even though Aura Fire’s record was ranked second lowest on the Leaderboard Winrate 2021, they were able to impress in the 2021 Esports President Cup. God1va et al were able to win trophies last year after defeating Alter Ego in the Grand Final match with a score of 3 vs. 1. ONIC Esports itself can actually win the “perfect” title if it wins the M3 World Championship. The Yellow Landak has so far won the MPL ID Season 3, MPL ID Season 8, 2019 President’s Cup (national), 2019 MSC, and 2021 MPLI (Southeast Asia). Unfortunately, two Indonesian representatives had to lift their suitcases after losing to Blacklist International in the Lower Bracket M3 MLBB. That was the list of Mobile Legends teams with the highest winrates throughout 2021, which is your favorite eSports team? .

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