Jakarta – Not long ago, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) again released the 2021 Happiness Index report, Mother. From the data they obtained, the happiest and happiest provinces in Indonesia were determined. For you to know, this happiness index is measured through the Happiness Level Measurement Survey (SPTK). The survey is conducted every three years. The dimensions measured are of three types. These include life satisfaction, feelings, and the meaning of life. Furthermore, based on the BPS report, Indonesia’s Happiness Index in 2021 rose by 0.8 percent to 71.49 compared to 2017. This data also shows that men are happier than women by 71.96 compared to 71.04. There are several factors behind it. Starting from education, people with education reaching S2 and S3 are known to have the highest level of happiness compared to other levels of education. That is, the higher the level of education of a person, the higher the level of happiness. This also applies from the income side, Mother. People who have income above IDR 7.2 million have the highest happiness compared to income below IDR 7.2 million. Curious which provinces are included in the happiness index in Indonesia? Listen, as HaiBunda quoted from CNBCIndonesia as follows, yes. The happiest province in Indonesia: North Maluku 76.34 North Kalimantan 76.33 Maluku 76.28 Jambi 75.17 North Sulawesi 74.78 The most ‘crazy’ province in Indonesia: Banten 68.08 Bengkulu 69.74 Papua 69.87 Nusa Southeast West 69.98 West Java 20.23 CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. Mother, also check out 10 happy moments of celebrities giving birth in 2021 in the following video:
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