Are you confused about how to bathe your newborn baby? Bathing a newborn, of course, is not an easy thing and needs to be done with great care, Mother. Mothers who are having a child for the first time will certainly feel confused and afraid of making mistakes in bathing their newborn babies. But you don’t need to worry, here’s how to bathe a newborn, which you can practice directly at home with your little one. Actually, babies don’t need to be bathed too often, Mother, especially if they are only a few days old. Even as reported by Healthline, some pediatricians recommend delaying the baby’s first bath until they are a few days old. That’s because after birth your baby is covered in vernix, which is a waxy substance on the skin that protects the baby from germs in its environment. If you give birth in a hospital, nurses or hospital staff will clean the amniotic fluid and blood after your baby is born. But you may have the option of telling them to leave excess vernix if you wish. Preparation for bathing the baby without a baby bath When the baby is very small and the umbilical cord has not come off, it is highly recommended to bathe the baby only using a soft cloth or washcloth to avoid getting the umbilical cord in contact with water. Before bathing your baby with a soft cloth or washcloth, make sure you have all the equipment you need within easy reach. In addition, make sure the room temperature is not too cold or too hot so that your baby will still feel comfortable. What you need to prepare: Pads for a hard surface, such as a blanket or towel A bowl of warm, not hot water How to bathe your baby without a bath After you collect your supplies, follow these steps: Choose a warm room, around 23.8 Celsius to bathe. Remove your baby’s clothes and diaper, and wrap it in a towel. Lay your baby on a flat surface, such as a changing table, table next to the sink, or your bed. Use safety straps or hold them in one hand at all times to make sure they don’t fall. Open the towel one section at a time to expose only the area of ​​the body that you will be cleaning. Start with your baby’s face and the top of your baby’s head: First, dip a clean cloth or washcloth in warm water. Use only warm, soap-free water for this step to prevent the soap from getting into your baby’s eyes or mouth. Wipe the top of the head and around the outer ear, chin, neck crease, and eyes. Add a drop or two of soap to the warm water. Dip the washcloth in the soapy water and wring it out. Use soapy water to clean the entire body and diaper area. It’s a good idea to clean the underarms and around the genital area. Dry your baby, including drying between skin folds. Put on a clean diaper. You can use a towel with a built-in hood to keep their head warm while drying your baby. Illustration of how to bathe a newborn baby/ Photo: iStock How to bathe a baby using a baby bath After your baby’s umbilical cord is removed, you can bathe him in the baby bath. Follow these steps to bathe your baby safely: Fill the tub with a small amount of water. Usually, 5-7 cm of water is enough. After undressing your baby, immediately put it in the water so it doesn’t get cold. Use one hand to support your baby’s head and the other to put his feet into the tub first. Their heads and necks must be well above the water at all times for safety. You can gently splash or pour warm water on your baby to keep them warm in the tub. Use a washcloth to clean their face and hair, and shampoo their scalp once or twice a week. Wash the rest of the body from top to bottom, using warm water or a wet washcloth. Gently pick up the baby and pat it dry with a towel. Also make sure to dry any creases in the skin. Remember to never leave your baby unattended in the tub, not even for a second. They can quickly sink, even in shallow amounts of water. Your baby should be supervised at all times while bathing. Never leave a newborn unattended around water. If your baby cries or isn’t enjoying bath time, make sure the room is warm enough, the water isn’t too hot, and you wrap them in a towel to keep them comfortable. That’s how to bathe a newborn that you can apply with your little one at home, enjoy one of the bonding moments with your little one, mother.

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