Jakarta – Lesti Kejora gave birth to her first child by Caesarean section Cito. Rizky Billar’s wife had to give birth prematurely at 34 weeks of gestation due to her declining health condition, Mother. The cito caesarean section performed by Lesti is still rarely known to pregnant women, aka pregnant women. Then what is cito in preterm labor? What are the indications that a woman should give birth with this procedure? Medical Staff Women Health Service Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo Hospital, dr. Ilham Utama Surya, SpOG, explained that cito was an emergency delivery that could no longer be postponed. In this condition, labor contractions can appear at the gestational age is not enough months. “Usually, there are contractions in the uterus that can cause the baby to come out. Well, these contractions occur when the gestational age is below 37 weeks,” Ilham said when contacted by HaiBunda, recently. There are things that make delivery must be done by cito or spontaneous procedures. In spontaneous labor, heartburn can occur suddenly and can cause the baby to come out. There are also certain circumstances that make the baby must be removed, usually there is an indication of weight in the mother or fetus. Cito to save pregnant women and fetuses Cito delivery is seen as a method to save babies and their mothers. This cito delivery needs to be done at the right time, Mother. “If the course of the disease becomes more severe and in the end you have to choose one, it must be decided whether the mother or the baby or both cannot be saved,” said Ilham. Cito’s delivery was not only done through a cesarean section, you know. Ilham said the cito delivery procedure could also be done in normal or vaginal deliveries. “Whether vaginal or cesarean section, the purpose of this cito is to improve the condition of the mother or baby. But indeed most are caesarean sections,” said the lecturer at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia. The cito delivery method is the same as the general delivery procedure. However, this birthing process needs to be carried out properly, especially for pregnant women who experience deterioration due to their health conditions. “Giving a baby can change the system in the mother, all of which are aimed at supporting the fetus in the womb. When there is an illness, the system can change and can make the condition of the mother or baby worse. If the chain is broken with childbirth, the hope is that things can return to normal. again,” said Ilham. To find out the indications for giving birth to a cito, read on the next page, Mother. Also check out the causes of Lesti Kejora giving birth faster, in the following video:
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