– Angkot is one of the public transportations that is often used for daily activities such as going to school, office or other activities. However, angkot transportation is slightly displaced because of the existence of online transportation in this modern era. But the angkot owners don’t want to just give up. They also try to innovate by presenting angkot that is different from before. One of them is seen in an upload to the TikTok account @momoydewi on this one. In an uploaded Tiktok account, you can see an angkot that has luxurious facilities. The interior of the angkot is equipped with various luxurious facilities such as soft sofas, tiled floors, and curtains like at a wedding. Luxurious angkot interiors that make the public gawk (TikTok) Not only that, the angkot is equipped with CCTV cameras so that it can monitor passengers anytime and anywhere. Inside the angkot it really looks quite clean. It can be said, there are no stains attached to the interior of the angkot. Passengers admitted that they only paid Rp. 4 thousand to be able to enjoy the luxury of the angkot. This video of the sultan’s public transportation also invited netizens’ comments. “My hobby is sitting in the corner of the ledge in the back. Plus, if there’s no one around, especially as good as this,” wrote @mama****. “Ask, if you enter the angkot, do you take your shoes off? It feels like you’re entering the house,” said @user****. “It’s really creative to make something unique. It could be that the passengers are willing to give more money because they feel comfortable,” explained @aku k****. To see the full video, click HERE! .

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