Jakarta – Face-to-face Learning (PTM) 100 percent has been implemented in DKI Jakarta. This enforcement is in accordance with the Joint Decree (SKB) of the four Ministers concerning Guidelines for the Implementation of Learning Education in the Pandemic Period for the 2022 school year. In this SKB, learning arrangements are carried out based on the status of the Enforcement of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM), Mother. With certain conditions, PTM can be implemented 100 percent. Well, this 100 percent PTM turned out to get mixed reactions from parents, you know. For example, on Instagram @dkijakarta, there are parents who complain that their children can no longer do Distance Learning (PJJ) because learning through zoom has been removed. In fact, his son was allowed to be able to PJJ at home. “Our children’s school is a private elementary school in South Jakarta, indeed providing PJJ options for students who are not yet PTM, but previously, children at home could study directly with the teacher online via zoom/gmeet, now only modules and assignments will be sent without learning. In my opinion, the right of students to receive teaching through online teaching and assessment is that the school’s decision that distinguishes facilities from the previous one is not acceptable to us,” wrote the in*** account. “Permission to report Mr. @aniesbaswedan Our children’s school (Jaksel Private Elementary School) has a new dose 1 vaccine schedule January 7. Tomorrow, January 4, PTM has started. Students who are not PTM are only given the PPT module without any online learning. We have conveyed this information to the DKI Provincial Government to We have conveyed the latest recommendations from IDAI (as of January on IG @idai_ig. But schools still don’t provide online learning. Please give directions, sir, so that children who are not PTM can still learn from the teachers. Thank you,” said @ cu***. PTM 100 percent is already underway. Then what about the parents who are worried and what about the PJJ system at home for students who are not PTM? Public Relations and KAL of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Education Office, Taga Radja Gah, M.Pd, explained that PTM was 100 percent in accordance with the SKB of the four ministers. Parents who are worried are not given a choice, but leeway for their child PJJ. “That’s the SKB of the four ministers, it is clear that all must be PTM, there is no other choice. However, the DKI Jakarta Education Office still provides opportunities for parents who are still worried, children can learn through e-learning. So they are not told to choose,” said Taga when contacted by HaiBunda, Wednesday (5/1/21). According to Taga, all policies related to the learning process are left to each school. This also includes the decision to remove online classes, Moms. “Because there is a PTM policy, the school also chooses PTM. This is also according to the ability of the school. When schools are only able to hold e-learning lessons, then please study at home but assignments are submitted via email, WA (WhatsApp), or learning platforms. But if the school is capable and has advanced technology with hybrid learning, that’s better. So don’t force it to be the same,” he said. During PTM, many children have not received the full vaccine. Is this also a concern for parents? What was Taga’s response like? Read the next page. Also check out the reason why Nadiem wants to go to school face-to-face, in the following video:
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