Metaverse Decentraland. (Decentraland) – There were rumors that the North Square area of ​​Yogyakarta and a number of important assets in Jogja were being traded virtually on the Next Earth metaverse. Quoted by from, it was reported that the North Square of Yogyakarta, the Yogyakarta Palace, Puro Pakualaman, the Presidential Palace, the Agung Building and the Governor’s Office were traded in the metaverse or virtual space. The sale of the virtual map on the website is also viral because it is sold at a fantastic price in crypto currency. Yogyakarta Palace is sold for 11.09 USDT. Gedung Agung was sold for 36.84 USDT, Puro Pakualaman was sold for 37.03 USDT and Alun-alun Utara was sold for 56.34 USDT. The response of the DIY Regional Secretary The DIY local government who knew about this phenomenon also conveyed his response. Secretary of DIY, Baskara Aji when met at the Yogyakarta Kepatihan Complex, Wednesday (05/01/2022) revealed that the emergence of virtual buying and selling does not really need to be taken seriously. “Cook, the kepatihan or alun-alun are actually being sold, does anyone believe the sale? This is just looking for a rating,” he said. According to Aji, currently the DIY Regional Government will not follow up on the emergence of virtual buying and selling of various buildings. Because until now this phenomenon has not had any effect. However, if in the future it is felt to be detrimental, then the Regional Government will report the perpetrator in the future. Even if possible will make a complaint and process it legally. “If later developments are detrimental, we will prosecute those who harm us,” he said. The North Square of Yogyakarta is for sale on the metaverse. (Next Earth) The Palace of the Grandson of Sri Sultan HB VIII, Gusti Kukuh Hestrianing, admitted that he was surprised by the virtual sale of the North Square. If it was sold, then with a little joke, where would he and the Yogyakarta royal family live? “Grandma, kabeh-kabeh didol and I still want to hang out? (If everything is sold, where will I live),” said the man who is familiarly called Gusti Aning. According to him, the palace asset manager must act immediately so that there is certainty regarding ownership. Because even though it is virtual, it must be anticipated as early as possible. Not something impossible, palace assets are virtually owned by unauthorized people. Historical experience has proven that the Giyanti agreement is often forgotten. Where since the Giyanti agreement has been largely forgotten, the statuses of land in Yogyakarta or the 4 kingdoms, namely the Ngayogyakarto Hadingrat Sultanate, Pakualaman, Solo and Mangkunegaran Kasunanans are ambiguous. “The palace asset manager must act. Even though virtual must also be treated in a virtual way,” he said. That is the excitement of the sale of virtual assets in the North Square of Yogyakarta, the Yogyakarta Palace, Puro Pakualaman, the Presidential Palace, the Agung Building and the Governor’s Office being traded in the Next Earth metaverse. ( Putu Ayu Palupi). .

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