Jakarta – Limited face-to-face learning (PTM) in DKI Jakarta has been carried out 100 percent. Like it or not, you have to let your child go back to attending offline school as before. Related to this, vaccines for children aged 6-11 years in DKI Jakarta were then launched. Apart from PTM, this is also an effort to anticipate the spread of the Omicron COVID-19 variant which is being intensively. According to the report, Dwi Oktavia as the Head of Disease Prevention and Control of the DKI Jakarta Health Office said that the target was to have a vaccine for up to 1.1 million children by the end of January 2022. The DKI Jakarta Education Office through the official PNU Instagram account also shared some information about this. In the vaccine for ages 6-11 years, the child must have had the 6th birthday at the time of injection. The type of vaccine used is Sinovac with the first and second dose intervals of at least 28 days. For mothers who need more information, see the complete points as follows, yes. A. Who are the Target Vaccine Age 6-11 Years? The target of the vaccine which is implemented in schools located in DKI Jakarta is students who are residents of DKI Jakarta or not. The targets for vaccines for children 6-11 years of age whose implementation other than at school are: Children with the status of residents of DKI Jakarta, as evidenced by a Family Card or Child Identity Card (KIA) which includes a residential address in DKI. The child is not a resident of DKI Jakarta and is not registered as a student in DKI, but lives in DKI. His identity is proven by a domicile certificate from the RT according to the residential address and registered in the resident data application. B. Location of Vaccines All public/private/madrasah primary education units in DKI Jakarta will have their respective schedules. Puskesmas/hospital Vaccination post that facilitates childhood vaccines. C. How to Get Children’s Vaccines Students are waiting for the schedule at their respective schools. If the child is domiciled in DKI Jakarta, but is not a DKI Jakarta student or has not attended school, then he or she can get an injection at the puskesmas or vaccine center that provides vaccinations for children. Vaccination participants outside schools, such as puskesmas or vaccine posts, can attend in person or register in advance through the JAKI application or according to the procedures for the puskesmas/vaccine post in the local area. D. How to Register for Children’s Vaccines through JAKI Open the JAKI application Select the list of COVID-19 vaccines. Enter the child’s NIK and full name. Choose a location and schedule. Complete your personal data and fill in the pre-screening. Wait for the validation process until the ‘Ready to be vaccinated’ status appears. E. Requirements that need to be brought when vaccinating a Family Card or other document that includes the National Identity Number and the address of the child’s residence. Mobile number, can be owned by parents/guardians/companions which will be recorded for the next vaccine. Vaccination card. F. Preparation of children The child concerned will receive information that he will be vaccinated and know the benefits. The child is in a fit condition and does not forget to have breakfast. Children with comorbidities who need to take medication, it is confirmed that they have taken their medication before leaving for the vaccine. G. Preparation of parents Parents/guardians accompany during screening, injection, and observation. Children can sit alone or with parents. Parents/guardians need to share important clinical history with staff, for example comorbidities or disabilities. Parents/guardians need to know that children with comorbidities are not a contradiction in getting injections and need to be protected from COVID-19. H. Possible forms of AEFI (Post Immunization Adverse Events) Pain at the injection site. Headache or muscle aches. Joint pain. Shivering. Fatigue. Nausea or vomiting. Fever, characterized by a temperature above 37.8 degrees Celsius. CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE. (AFN/som) .

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