Hitekno.com – Season 23 of Mobile Legends, which starts on December 25, 2021, makes players excited to push rank. Through a recent video, Moonton revealed that they are preparing to add a new feature in Draft Pick in 2022. This feature is expected to make players more “comfortable” to do push rank. It is common knowledge that we sometimes (or maybe often) encounter toxic players in rank mode. Not only that, at a certain rank, players who are “bad luck” can meet friends in a team who don’t maintain the balance of the formation. It should be noted, that a row of roles such as Midlaner, Jungler, Goldlaner, Tanker/Roamer, and Offlaner must be fulfilled so that the formation arrangement can be balanced. Based on the video uploaded by the Mobile Legends YouTube account, Moonton is preparing to present a new feature to fans. Moonton claims to provide a balance for Matchmaking in 2022. The Blacklist System feature in Mobile Legends. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang Official)”We are committed to finding the best balance point in order to be able to match you with the most balanced opponent in the shortest possible time. In 2021, we have seen a considerable decrease in Matchmaking duration, Rank difference and difference Gold between the two teams,” Moonton said in opening his explanation. Two interesting features are the Blacklist System and the Dodge Mechanism System. The first feature allows us to block toxic players so that we don’t encounter them in the next rank. “For 2022, in addition to further improving the balance of Matchmaking, we’re also releasing a Blacklist feature that allows you to prevent certain players from becoming your teammates again,” reads the video. Dodge Mechanism System in Mobile Legends. (YouTube/ Mobile Legends Bang Bang Official) In maintaining the balance of the formation, Moonton also presents the Dodge Mechanism System (Avoiding Mechanism). This feature in Draft Pick allows players to “dodge” when the team composition is not perfect. This feature is quite beneficial, especially when we get a team with too many Marksman or Mage. “The Dodge Mechanism System will also be added in Draft Pick Mode. Where when the team lineup is very unreasonable, you can choose to avoid the match completely,” Moonton added. Not only matchmaking balance, Moonton is also preparing to revamp two heroes, namely Vexana and Faramis in the near future. The two features above are certainly good news for Mobile Legends players because the potential for meeting players to toxic teams can be minimized. .

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