This old Nike Ardilla photo from the 1970s caught the attention of netizens. (Instagram/ @rizal_prolink) – Even though it’s gone, Nike Ardilla has many fans across generations. An old-school photo of Nike Ardilla from 1975 has successfully caught the attention of netizens. The Instagram fanspage account @rizal_prolink shares a collection of photos of Nike Ardilla from childhood to adulthood. “Nike 20 in 1 tea photo since 1975 EST 1995,” wrote @rizal_prolink in the caption. A total of 20 photos arranged in a grid have succeeded in making netizens salfok. The five pictures in the first row show Nike Ardilla as a child. The second line shows Nike Ardilla who is starting to grow into a teenager. Nike Ardilla’s charm grew even more when she entered adulthood. Many netizens praised that the old singer’s face was beautiful since childhood. Raden Rara Nike Ratnadilla (Nike Ardilla) has indeed died at the age of 19 in a car accident in 1995. This old photo of Nike Ardilla from the 1970s caught the attention of netizens. (Instagram/ @rizal_prolink) However, the lineup of songs such as Star of Life, Let Me Give Up, Leave Me Alone, Let Your Love Go, and others are still often listened to by fans and the millennial generation. Nike Ardilla is known as one of the legendary singers, actresses and models. In some old photos that have been circulating, Nike Ardilla often wears simple clothes. Even one of the old photos shows Nike Ardilla who has a very friendly attitude to the fans. He even had time to meet fans who visited the house even though he was sick at the time. This old Nike Ardilla photo from the 1970s caught the attention of netizens. (Instagram/ @rizal_prolink)Nike Ardilla is a figure in pop culture in Indonesia who has tremendous respect from his fans. The songs popularized by Nike Ardilla are even often played in public places by fans at certain moments. This collection of old-school Nike Ardilla photos from 1975 provoked various comments from netizens. “Naturally beautiful,” praised @a**i1**4. “Proven to be beautiful from birth. Hopefully her beauty will not be stained by anything,” commented @ha**ar_m**my. Nike Ardilla. (Instagram/ nikeardilla_id) “So which picture looks like Amel…wkwk,” wrote @al**at**90. “Idol of his time,” said @fi**dhy.f**ri. That’s a collection of old Nike Ardilla photos since 1975, what do you think? .

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