This spirit doll that was given dimsum made netizens excited. (TikTok/ @alejandro_nasution1) – The trend of spirit dolls has become a topic of conversation for netizens lately. A video showing a spirit doll being fed with dim sum managed to make netizens excited. A TikTok user and influencer with an account named @alejandro_nasution1 shows off several spirit dolls on a large chair. He explained that the spirit doll was “requesting” or “asking” for food in the form of dimsum. “Spirit doll on dimsum request,” wrote @alejandro_nasution1 in his caption. We can see several spirit dolls that are neatly lined up and ready to be “fed” for dimsum by the owner. The spirit dolls appear to be wearing clothes and given accessories like normal babies. The owner is seen using chopsticks and dipping dimsum into the sauce. He then directed the dimsum in front of the mouths of the spirit dolls one by one. Considering they were dolls, the dimsum was certainly not bitten and remained intact. This spirit doll that was given dimsum made netizens excited. (TikTok/ @alejandro_nasution1) The video post that was shared went viral after being viewed more than 20 million times and getting 560 thousand likes. The man who owns an Instagram account named Rizki Nasution is famous for often sharing content about spirit dolls. Auto netizens were horrified after seeing the dolls’ faces and smiling appearances. Not a few netizens felt that the doll had glanced at the camera and smiled after being given dim sum. The uploader of the post himself used an effect called Snicker when making the video of the spirit doll. The Effect Assistant feature is most likely what makes the spirit doll look “glance” and smile. The viral video about the spirit doll “asking” for dim sum provoked various comments from netizens. This spirit doll that was given dimsum made netizens excited. (TikTok/ @alejandro_nasution1) “The second doll when she wanted to give her a smile, I swear,” said @iv**aja**7. “The last one is the lyrics to the camera (surprised emoticon),” replied @Ny*iGa**ngSt*re. “It looks horrifying and has goosebumps, especially the fourth doll is like a kuntilanak child (crying emoticon),” commented @9**za**th. “You use a filter effect, yes, it’s clear that the movement is the mouth and face,” wrote @M**aRi*a. “More istighfar. It’s better to adopt orphans so that they will be more blessed, sorry if I’m wrong,” said @B**daRh**ny. The viral video post regarding the owner who claims to have his spirit doll asking for dim sum can be seen via THIS LINK. .

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