Zeys as Head of Coach MLBB EVOS Esports. (Instagram z3zeys) Hitekno.com – EVOS Legends coach, Zeys recently appeared as a guest star in Livy Renata’s YouTube video. In the video, the white tiger team coach reveals the three most difficult EVOS Legends players to manage. Seeing Zeys’ status as a coach, Livy Renata was curious about the most difficult EVOS Legends player to manage. Regarding this, Zeys then asked Livy Renata to guess who the player was. Livy Renata then mentioned Rekt’s name. According to Alter Ego’s brand ambassador, Rekt has a stubborn and unruly image. Beyond expectations, Zeys actually said that Rekt was the most relaxed and obedient player. According to Zeys, the most difficult players to manage in EVOS Legends are Antimage, Ferxic and Wann. Of the three, Zeys called Antimage the most difficult player to manage. Recognized by Zeys, apart from Antimage, Ferxic and Wann, other EVOS Legends players such as Luminaire and others are easygoing players and less troublesome. Looking at his previous tracks at ONIC, Antimage is indeed known as a player who is quite vocal in the team. Several times the team’s in-game decisions were quite influenced by the opinion of this player whose real name is Maxhill Leonardo. Not explaining with certainty the reasons for the three EVOS Legends players who are the most difficult to manage. Even so, until now Zeys is still the coach of the white tiger team ahead of the upcoming MPL Season 9. .

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