Jakarta – Every baby may have a different pattern of breastfeeding. But in general, most babies sweat while breastfeeding. Actually, this is normal, isn’t it, Mother? In fact, some babies do tend to sweat while breastfeeding. Usually this happens when the baby’s body temperature rises for some reason, the sweat glands also work to secrete fluids. Certain health conditions can also cause sweating while breastfeeding. In a baby’s body, sweat glands are concentrated in the forehead and scalp, so he will sweat more in these areas. Sweat glands also gradually develop in the chest and other parts of the body. “Sweating is the body’s way of staying cool by sending excess body heat. Not all babies sweat when they are breastfed, but some babies do sweat when they are breastfed,” said Dr Ritika Shah, as quoted from the Momjunction page. In fact, it is perfectly normal for babies to sweat while feeding. However, if there is excessive sweating, it could be a sign of an underlying medical condition. Mothers can also check the Little One further to the doctor to see what causes excessive sweating in the baby while breastfeeding. Banner 7 Best Dining Tables/ Photo: Hi Mother/Mia In general, usually, Mother, babies sweat because of the body’s natural process to expel excess body heat. Usually, several things are the cause. Here are some reasons why babies sweat while breastfeeding, as quoted from the Parenting First Cry page: 1. Amount of energy Breastfeeding requires a lot of energy. And, jaw movement while breastfeeding is a form of exercise for babies to sweat as a result of the effort made. No wonder, Mother, they sweat profusely while breastfeeding is taking place. Click on the next page, Mother, for a more complete review. Also watch a video about the causes of red spots in babies and how to deal with them.
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