– Commission II of the Indonesian House of Representatives targets the fit and proper test for candidates for KPU and Bawaslu RI members for the 2022-2027 period to be completed in February 2022, or before the DPR goes into recess. Deputy Chairman of Commission II of the House of Representatives, Saan Mustopa, said that his party was still waiting for President Jokowi to send a presidential decree to the DPR regarding the names of candidate members who would carry out the fit and proper test. It is known that the term of service of the candidates for KPU and Bawaslu members will end in April. Meanwhile, on the one hand, the DPR will enter recess again on February 21. “So we hope that before the trial period closes we will have carried out a fit and proper test and there are already seven KPU and Bawaslu commissioners who have been elected,” said Saan at the Senayan Parliament Complex, Jakarta, Tuesday (11/1/2022). Read also: Junimart Girsang Ensures All PJ Governors will be directly elected by the President Meanwhile, regarding the implementation of the fit and proper test, Saan said Commission II will do it transparently and openly to the public. “So we are fit and proper, it will be open to the public. So that the public can also follow the track record of candidates for election organizers,” said Saan. .

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