– The versatile rising star of the Indonesian national team, Alfeandra Dewangga, became a byword for Indonesian football fans after he wrote his farewell to his club, PSIS Semarang. This strengthens indications that the 20-year-old will join a foreign club. Previously, Alfaandra Dewangga was one of the Indonesian national team players who were supported to go abroad or play abroad in order to increase the level of the game. The centre-back, who is also fluent in playing as a centre-back, and his partner at PSIS, Pratama Arhan, continue to be rumored to be leaving Indonesia and joining a foreign club. Pratama Arhan himself was indeed close to working abroad after a statement from the PSIS commissioner, Junianto, gave his blessing to go immediately. Meanwhile, Alfeandra Dewangga himself wanted to stay at PSIS, as stated by Yoyok Sukawi. However, this desire seemed to vanish after he gave the code in the form of farewell. The code in the form of a farewell greeting can be seen from his Instagram Story upload which writes the sentence ‘See You PSIS’ or ‘Goodbye PSIS’. In addition to this farewell, the player who is familiarly called Dewa also deleted all of his photos on Instagram while in PSIS uniform. As a result, now on his Instagram page there are only photos when he defended the Indonesian national team. With these codes, Indonesian football fans believe that Alfeandra Dewangga will soon join a foreign club. South Korea (South Korea) is said to be Alfeandra Dewangga’s destination as the code from the agent, Hotashi Mikha Nalom Pasaribu, uses South Korean in his uploads with his client. Associated with Jeonnam Dragons So far, Alfeandra Dewangga has been associated with Jeonnam Dragons who are in the second tier of the South Korean League or K2 League. Jeonnam Dragons itself is not a random team. The reason is, this club was able to make history as the first K2 League team to win the South Korean FA Cup. Because of this success, Jeonnam Dragons has the right to appear in the Asian Champions League next season. Of course this will be an advantage for Alfaeandra Dewangga who is associated with the club. In addition, with Jeonnam Dragons, Alfeandra Dewangga could compete with compatriots such as Asnawi Mangkualam who defended Ansan Greeners. It is not impossible that Alfeandra Dewangga can also compete with Primary Arhan who is also reported to be the target of Daejeon Citizen FC.

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