Jakarta – Most popular on HaiBunda: 1. Reasons why Mommy ASF ‘Breaks Up’ Praises Ex-Husband After Cheating & Divorce The series Disconnect Kites is adapted from the true story of a veterinarian named Eka Prasetya. The woman behind the pen name Mommy ASF moved to Malang with her four children after a divorce. Even though she is divorced and has harbored feelings of disappointment, she does not deny that her ex-husband’s way of educating children is something to be grateful for. Especially in terms of religious education. Read more HERE. 2. 9 Portraits of Luxurious Houses Owned by the Sultan of Gunung Sindur, All White like the Palace Toni Firmansyah and Asrianty Salam are a crazy rich couple who are dubbed the sultans of Gunung Sindur. They have a luxurious house measuring 2,5000 meters in the area. Dominated by white and black marble, their house looks magnificent with 9 bedrooms in it. There is also a special room for cats. Take a peek at the portrait HERE. 3. 7 Portraits of Princess Hamish Daud & Raisa, Praised to be Beautiful Even though they are Covered by Masks Raisa Andriana and Hamish Daud are still firm in their stance in hiding the face of their daughter, Zalina Raine Wyllie in public. Always curious, Zalina’s face is never clearly seen in any of her portraits. But there are still many who praise her for looking beautiful. See the portrait HERE. 4. The 5 Most Patient and Tough Zodiacs Like Kinan in Disconnected Kites Mothers who watched the Disconnected Kites series, of course, already know what kind of character Kinan, played by Putri Marino, is. Stay tough and patient despite being cheated on, what is Kinan’s zodiac sign? There are several zodiac signs in astrology that are considered to have intelligent, patient, and mentally strong traits like Kinan. Read the 5 zodiac signs HERE. 5. 30 Series of Baby Boy Names 3 Words from Turkish Turkey has a myriad of tourist attractions that offer beautiful views. This country in the Middle East does offer a variety of uniqueness, especially in terms of history. Mothers can also use Turkish as an inspiration for baby names, you know. Mothers can choose a series of 3-word baby boy names from Turkish which are inspirational and have good meanings. See more HERE. (anm/som) .

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