Jakarta – Being a parent is indeed fun because you can see the growth of children and learn new things in caring for and caring for children. However, as a parent, you also need to protect and ensure that your child’s needs can be properly met. In addition, parents are responsible for children to educate, for example, such as providing education for character and instilling moral values ​​from an early age. It feels heavy, but parents can start by teaching character and character education through Javanese proverbs that are very meaningful. The following are Javanese proverbs and their meanings that parents can teach their little ones. The meaning is deep, Bun, so that it can be a kind of guide for Mother and family to apply it in life. Photo: HaiBunda/Mia 1. Anak Pollah, Mr. Kepradah This proverb in Indonesian is, “The child asks for it, you pass it”. And, for the meaning of this proverb itself is like a warning for parents to always be responsible for the lives of their children. Where, as a parent must be able to carefully consider the requests made by children. All these desires must be considered first, the good and the bad, what are the benefits, until they finally fulfill the child’s request. The purpose of this idea is to avoid problems in the family. In addition, the meaning of this proverb can also mean that parents can share in the consequences of their children’s actions that are not good, so it is hoped that children can be careful. 2. Dumadining Sira Iku Because Anane Ayah Biyung Ira In Indonesian, this proverb means, “Glorify parents.” This Javanese proverb teaches that as a child you must respect your parents because it is indirectly parents who bring children into this world. By teaching this proverb, children are expected to be more polite and devoted to their parents. Children are also reminded to treat their parents gently and lovingly. 3. Kebo Kabotan Sungu This Javanese proverb and its meaning explains more about people who find it difficult to be grateful because of the many burdens of life. In fact, all trials experienced in life are basically a test from God. For people who are not wise, the test given will be seen as a difficulty and a burden in life, while those with good character will be grateful when given a test. Those are some Javanese proverbs that Mother and Little One can apply in life because they have a very deep meaning. In addition, introducing this proverb can also be included in teaching character to them because it teaches them how to live a good life and behave towards others. (PK) Also check out the following video about the fun of Irfan Bachdim’s family: (ziz/ziz) .

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