Jakarta – Dreams are sleeping flowers. Many things we can experience and see in dreams, one of which is the dream of a pregnant friend. Dreaming of a pregnant friend can be a strange situation. Moreover, if in fact our friend is not married or is pregnant, yes, Mother. Every dream is believed to have a meaning. Likewise, the meaning of a pregnant friend’s dream. The important thing that you need to understand is how dreams occur and the meaning of these dreams is related to our lives. The meaning of dreams according to experts According to clinical psychologist, Marney A. White, PhD, MS, researchers are not sure about the real reason humans dream. However, until now there have been many theories about dreams that have been researched and explained by experts. However, they believe that dreams are subconscious images that a person experiences during sleep. “Many researchers see dreams only as a result of random brain activity. However, others believe that dreams are a human way of dealing with or going through emotional drama in their lives,” said White, quoted from Healthline. During the dreaming phase, the human brain will work at a much more emotional level than when it is awake. Some scientists claim that dreaming is an evolutionary adaptation to help deal with stress. In addition, dreams are also considered a sensory experience that most often occurs during sleep. Dreams can be shaped by anything you think about while you sleep or something you experience throughout the day. Dreams can also be caused by anxiety or stressful situations that have not been resolved. There are people who remember their dreams, but there are also those who forget. Many people who dream at night often do not remember it, Mother. “Despite what we know about sleep, it is difficult for scientists to explain the role of dreams in life. Dreams often don’t make sense. This may be because the part of the brain that triggers dreams is considered the ‘emotional center’,” White said. Dreams are considered the most frequent sensory experience during the sleep stage and are known as REM. During REM sleep, the brain becomes active and the eyes move, but the body relaxes. In the book Tafsir 1672 Dreams by D. Raditya, it is explained that dreams are a type of subconscious activity that involves sight, hearing, thoughts, feelings, or other senses in sleep. In dreams, the brain’s ability factor plays a major role. It’s normal if you forget the dream you’re having. But, not a few people will remember his dream. “About five minutes after waking up, we will immediately forget 50 percent of our dreams, 10 minutes later 90 percent of the storyline will be forgotten,” Raditya. Illustration of a Sleeping Woman Dreaming/ Photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto Dream interpretation Every dream is often associated with a specific meaning. In ancient times, the meaning of dreams has been associated with the supernatural world, Mother. Dreams that are beautiful and happy are often interpreted with something positive. On the other hand, scary nightmares are considered bad or negative. These assumptions began to change when Aristotle expressed his opinion about dreams. Aristotle said, dreams are mental activity when a person sleeps. “During sleep, the senses can still catch stimuli from outside. The stimulation is magnified through dreams. For example, when someone who is cold can dream of being in a sea of ​​snow,” said Raditya. After Aristotle, the interpretation or interpretation of dreams is growing. Many cultures began to raise the meaning of dreams. Dream meaning of pregnant friends Dream expert Lauri Loewenberg says that dreams of being pregnant can indicate your feelings about a change or a new goal in life. Dreams of being pregnant can also be associated with a developmental phase in life. Loewenberg explains, pregnant dreams can be a way of the subconscious to communicate feelings that are very difficult to convey in words in the real world. While sleeping and in your subconscious, you will be forced to focus on things that you usually ignore. “So the dream will make us better understand the situation at that time by presenting it in a different form,” said Loewenberg, reported by The Cut. Then what if we dream of someone else who is pregnant, Mother? Dreaming of someone else pregnant is not a strange thing. Because, until now no one can predict his dream. Citing various sources, here are the meanings of a pregnant friend’s dream: 1. Getting material sustenance Dreams of meeting a pregnant friend can mean a good sign, you know, Mother. If we meet more than one friend or many pregnant people, it means we will get extra money. 2. Show maturity Dreaming of a pregnant friend can show that Mother is in a phase of spiritual evolution. Mother realizes life as a unique creature and has responsibility for the actions to be taken. The meaning of this dream can show that you need to be mature now. When making a decision, you need to be wise and consider the effect it has on those around you. 3. Signs self-confidence The dream meaning of a pregnant friend can also be a sign that self-confidence will increase. You have a desire to do the right thing and really do things. In matters of work, the meaning of this dream symbolizes openness to development. For example, Mother dares to take risks to become better at a project. 4. Get a new job Dreaming of a pregnant friend is the same as showing the birth of a project. This project could be related to changing careers, starting a new business, or getting a job. 5. Will achieve success The dream meaning of a friend who is undergoing a pregnancy, can relate to success and the desire to reach the highest level in a career. You may have been through a difficult and disappointed life, so this feeling arises. Dreaming about a pregnant friend can show that you know you can handle great things at work. Through this dream, you can realize your potential to climb a higher career ladder. Also check out 10 signs of pregnancy according to obgyn doctors, in the following video:
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