Jakarta – The name Ardhito Pramono has been widely discussed by the public after he was caught in a drug case. Ardhito Pramono was arrested at his home in Duren Sawit, East Jakarta, on Tuesday (11/1/2022). The musician was caught consuming marijuana when the police arrested him. The actor and musician immediately turned himself in and was tested positive for drugs after being tested. This news was initially confirmed by the West Jakarta Metro Police Chief, Kombes Ady Wibowo. “Yes, it’s true that we have just secured a public figure for a feature film actor, songwriter, and singer,” Ady told reporters, quoted from detik.com. Following the news that the police arrested Ardhito Pramono for drugs, the public was shocked by the figure of Ardhito Pramono’s wife, Jeanneta Sanfadelia. Yes, the news that Ardhito Pramono already has a wife surprised the public. The reason is, no one knows when Ardhito married his lover. Then, who is Jeanneta Sanfadelia? You can see the facts about him, which are summarized by HaiBunda, as follows: 1. His marital status was confirmed by the police. The public was surprised when Ardhito Pramono was visited by a woman known as Jeanneta Sanfadelia. Apparently, Jeanneta is the wife of Ardhito Pramono. This was confirmed by the police when Jeanneta Sanfadelia came to visit Ardhito Pramono at the West Jakarta Police, Bunda. Deputy Head of West Jakarta Metro Police, Kompol Arif Oktora, said the family who visited the West Jakarta Metro Police was the wife of Ardhito Pramono. “He is married. Yes (his wife),” said Arif when asked for confirmation. Read more facts about Jeanneta Sanfadelia, wife of Ardhito Pramono on the next page, Mother. Also watch the video about the news that Nia Ramadhani was sentenced to one year in prison after using drugs:
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