Oculus Quest 2. (Oculus) Hitekno.com – Here are 5 recommendations for the best VR (Virtual Reality) games that you can try in January 2022. What is included in this VR game recommendation list? One of the technologies in the gaming world that should be tested is Virtual Reality. This technology has long been considered capable of replacing joysticks, mice and keyboards in the gaming world. Because this VR technology allows you to feel as if you can actually enter the world of the game you are playing. At the beginning of 2022, there are many cool VR games that you can play. Some of them are: Jurassic World: AftermathStrideBlood and TruthWalking Dead: Saints & SinnersBatman: Arkham VRAfter looking at the list of recommended VR games, here the Hitekno.com team summarizes the reasons why these games are among the five that we recommend. 1. Jurassic World: Aftermath Jurassic World: Aftermath. (Oculus) You can play this game with the Oculus Quest Virtual Reality headset. Jurassic World: Aftermath has received a developer update. You will be invited on an adventure to the world of the remains of the dinosaur civilization. But one thing you need to know, your position there is lost. So you have to be prepared if there are surprises in front of you or behind you that make you startle and get goosebumps. 2. Stride Stride. (Steam) For those of you who like to play while exercising, then this Stride game is perfect for you. You will be challenged how long you can walk over the obstacles that have been provided. You’ll be jumping, sliding, and wall-sprinting across an endless rooftop city. This is a very physical game, requiring a lot of arm movement to control your balance. Moreover, you will find many characters who will try to make you fall into the abyss. You can play this game on Oculus Quest, PlayStation Store and Steam. 3. Blood and Truth Blood and Truth. (PlayStation) When talking about the best games in VR, it seems that it’s not enough if you don’t include Blood and Truth in it. You will be a former soldier who re-enters the criminal world in various types of locations. This game gets the best rating from gamers because of its interesting story idea and graphics. You can use PlayStation VR to be able to try out this game. 4. Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners. (vrwalkingdead)Horror game fans can get close. This game is said to have virtual reality that is better than almost all zombie games ever made. Because through this game, you will actually be dealing with zombies. Can even touch it. You can punch and break bottles into their heads with your own hands. 5. Batman: Arkham VR Batman: Arkham VR. (Steam) If you’re curious about what it’s like to be Batman, then you can try out this game. Batman: Arkham VR makes users feel as if they are batman who are trying to solve criminal and murder mysteries with the advanced equipment in your body. One thing that this game lacks is that the story is short. Those are five recommended VR games that you can try in January 2022. Contributor: Damai Lestari .

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