ONIC PH at the M3 World Championship. (MPL Indonesia) Hitekno.com – Different from the International Blacklist which will appear in MPL PH Season 9 without OHMYVENUS and Wise, ONIC PH is certain to bring the previous roster to the Mobile Legends event. The ONIC PH roster for MPL PH Season 9 was announced through the team’s official website last Wednesday (12/1/2022). In its official statement, ONIC PH said that his team would appear with the same roster. For the upcoming MPL PH Season 9, ONIC PH will continue to be coached by Paul Denver Miranda or Yeb who successfully brought the team to become the second winner of the M3 World Championship. On the other hand, Allen Jedric Baloy or Baloyskie will remain a midlaner as well as a roamer accompanied by Micophobia and Beemo. While the goldlaner will still be filled by Mark Christian or Markyyy along with Jaylord Gonzales or Hatred. The EXP laner title still belongs to Gerald Trinchera or Dlarskie who will be accompanied by Ryota. Kairi’s sharp game makes him a jungler for ONIC PH in the upcoming Mobile Legends tournament. ONIC PH Coach, Dlarskie and Baloyskie. (HiTekno/Amelia Prisilia)With the absence of OHMYVENUS and Wise from the Blacklist International camp, it is possible that ONIC PH is eyeing the title of MPL PH Season 9. The reason is, Dlarskie and his friends are always in second place when dealing with Blacklist International who won the title of back-to-back champion in the MPL PH tournament some time ago. If they can perform consistently with the same roster composition from the previous MPL PH Season 8 and M3 World Championship, it is undeniable that ONIC PH may be able to claim the winner of the upcoming MPL PH Season 9. .

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