Jakarta – Are you following the Disconnected Kites series? The longer you follow the storyline, it seems that the audience’s heart is getting stronger and more resilient like Kinan, here, Bun. In the previous episode, namely the eighth episode, Kinan, who has valid evidence, reported Aris and Lydia to the police. Lydia initially called Kinan evil, but Aris snapped at her. Aris actually felt that Kinan did what he had to do as a wife. The scene rolls when Kinan finally meets Lydia at a cafe to have a nice talk. Kinan tells that every woman should maintain her dignity. However, Lydia could only remain silent while enjoying her drink. Until finally, Lydia tried to explain to Kinan how her meeting with Aris led to her having an illicit relationship. But, Kinan ignored it, he didn’t need a long explanation about it because he was already hurt. In episode nine that aired today, in the trailer, Kinan demands an apology from Aris. She already knew that in the past year her husband had been having an affair. However, Aris’s response was like the audience’s expectations, Aris was still reluctant to apologize and admit his mistake. He now even openly defends Lydia and continues the relationship. Kinan also reminded Aris that when they parted, there would be no more regrets, Aris would lose himself and Raya. On the other hand, Raya also seems to have known that her father and mother are no longer together. To express his feelings, Raya then wrote a letter to his father, Aris. In his letter, Raya’s heart was hurt when his father hurt his mother. Will Aris finally feel guilty after reading a letter from his daughter? Don’t forget to watch the series today at 18.00 WIB, OK! (aci/som) .

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