Beautiful high school student. (instagram/notikersss) – A beautiful high school student became the talk of netizens after making a TikTok video when she was getting ready to go to school. Enchanted by her beautiful face, various reactions were immediately given by netizens. The video of this beautiful high school student that went viral on TikTok was then uploaded by the @notikersss account until it became viral on Instagram on Tuesday (11/1/2022). “It smells good, it’s beautiful, it’s still a high school student again, surely many classmates like their classmates,” wrote the caption for the upload @notikersss. In the video, this beautiful high school student shows off her activities before leaving for school. She did her hair with super thin make-up to look the best. Stealing attention after being uploaded and going viral on Instagram, this video of a beautiful high school student making a TikTok video then reaped various comments from netizens. Beautiful high school student. (instagram/notikersss) ”Fix, there are a lot of boys at school” wrote netizens. ”Which school of my time is like that” another account commented. ”What did I do when I was in high school, I used Citra’s handbody’, replied the netizen. ”Am I the only one who fits high school,’ said another netizen. Uploaded by the @notikersss account and going viral on Instagram, the video of this beautiful high school student’s action has then been watched more than 700 thousand times and reaped hundreds of comments from netizens. .

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